Findlay Elementary School is located at 560 Hale Street, Sparta, Tennessee, which is east of the White County Fair Grounds. Dr. Findlay, a Methodist missionary and physician, started the school.

Findlay Elementary School began before 1910 as a one-room school with two teachers. The original school was located on the same grounds as the present school.

The present Findlay Elementary School is a result of a 1966 consolidation of many schools. Those schools included Old Zion, Cole's Chapel, Almyra, Macedonia, Fountain Head, Lamb, Yankeetown, Black Oak, and Findlay.

Since the consolidation occurred in 1966, Findlay Elementary School has had six principals: J.T. Stone, Jerry Don Nash, David Whiteaker, Dr. Sue Carmichael, Gary Alspaugh, and Rebecca Ryan.  Findlay Elementary consists of pre-kindergarten through fifth grades.